About me

I am, just as you might be, a big consumer of the virtual world lifestyle, but not only. The virtual world can be so beneficial, if you don’t just absorb the content as it is, but be at the same time, open and skeptical and decide by yourself and create your own opinion and conviction. I have always been a positively energetic person, with the will and desire to do as much as I can, passionately and take as much as I can from this life experience. I love so many things in life, I love beautiful sights, I love feelings, I love exercise, dance, and adrenaline. I love books and music. I love nature and animals, I love people, I love life. I love doing things and talking about them. I love plans, making and executing them. I am always making lists and taking notes, taking pictures and writing diaries. I like being organized and hard work but also getting loose and having fun. And obviously I like. In my perception this world is is full of opportunities to do enjoy activities and things to do and share with people, just like atoms, an endless enumeration. And I strongly believe, that I can give you a little of everything, entertainment, information, interaction and much more. So if you are at least a bit curious of what I am about to start and share with you, just subscribe and let us take this journey together.