Colors and prints of 2019

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Fashion is becoming an inescapable topic of every corner of the world every day more and more. Who makes fashion nowadays, you really cannot tell. Is it the big brands, the VIP, or are the numerous bloggers and social network models? Whoever says the first word the other follow and it becomes a trend. And what is the trend of the moment? Today I am going to share what I think is really saturating the fashion industry for this year. What are the most popular colors and prints?

As you might be able to tell by yourself, this year is the Boom for the animal prints. Starting from stages of fashion shows in big cities, their attendees, to even the most common people on the street, you can spot animal prints. They are everywhere, on clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, furniture etc.

leopard print

Have you noticed that the vintage and the Parisian style in fashion, is no longer just some cool way for some bloggers to go, but has deeply impacted the fashion trend, the fashion industry entirely?! And there’s one thing, vintage and Parisian in the same time that never loses the class and the chicness, its pearls.

If you don’t have pearls in your jewelry box, or don’t have any clothes in your closet decorated with pearls, it’s time to change that. The 2019 has brought back the style of the 50’s, which is my favorite, by the way. Pearls of all sorts, expensive or cheap, classic or modern are alongside everything, from bridal gowns, evening dresses, to everyday clothes, shoes, hairclips, sunglasses or even make-up.