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Having visited and stayed to quite a few of the Antalya Luxury Resorts, some of them really impressed me. One of the most luxurious all-inclusive resorts in Turkey or even Mediterranean and that left quite a memory in my mind is the Titanic Mardan Palace, located in Lara, quite close to the airport and the city.
The Mardan Palace hotel has been designed with the intention to reflect the monumental architecture of the city Istanbul. The Dolmabahce Palace design is reflected in the lobby. The stair and walls decorated with gold, crystals and marble. The huge chandeliers give to it a magical look. The businessman Telman Ismailov invested on it to be built as per his taste and held there magnificent parties especially at the opening, inviting VIPs like, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey etc. This resort has the biggest pool in the region and originally it had all sorts of fish, even sharks in it and you could swim with them. But soon after, the resort was closed and it has only reopened this year under the wings of Titanic Hotels, a successful hotel chain.

I stayed at the resort at the opening of this year’s season and I could tell that the hotel had lighter colors and was very elegant.  When we went there we were greeted at the lobby with glasses of champagne and roses. An assistant was assigned to our room, who made us company while the check-in process was carried out and took care that the luggage be carried to our room shortly after us and we were accompanied to our room. I have already uploaded a raw video of the room on IGTV . This hotel has two continents within. One part has Asian style rooms and the other European style. My room was on the European side.  It was beautiful with all the commodities. It had a great view, bathtub. A lot of special treats and a minibar full of drinks and a bottle of great wine with two glasses waiting for us. The bed was very comfortable with a lot of dreamlike pillows and delicately designed with the light glamor green details. The restroom in itself was amazing. Divided by the room with partial glass and light green curtains.  A beautiful bathtub to relax and a huge luxurious mirror.  White cozy floor and table lamps were a great touch.

In the following days we enjoyed the magnificent SPA, a luxury retreat. The biggest pool I have ever seen and many restaurants and bars around the pool. An amazing night club where cubist dancers had different performances all night long. And imagine this was only at the beginning of the season, while during the season they have all sorts of animation. What I enjoyed the most was sipping a hight quality glass of wine at the edge of the pool while listening to live music.

Have you been to this resort already? How was your experience? You can comment below. I’d love to hear about it.

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In every resort there’s animation, entertainment programs of all sorts, cinemas, shows on amphitheaters and of course pubs and night clubs. So you must bring evening and clubbing outfits. Bear in mind that from the name luxury, the clubs are magnificently luxurious, some of them are even decorated with real gold or silver, so the outfits in my opinion should be flamboyant, pompous, but in the same time very elegant. I cannot say that I met all these requirements myself. So in overall, you should bring lots and lots of beautiful clothes, different swim suits, a few cover ups or lace beach dresses, day dresses on nice flats or heels for the day, elegant dresses or outfits for the evenings with some elegant jacket, stunning clubbing outfits and high heels. Also accessories such as hats, sunglasses, clutches, summer jewelries (in my case pearls from @zolaspearls) make your look complete and stylish. Antalya is a very warm region and in summer it gets quite hot, so I would like to emphasize the necessity of sunscreen  to protect you skin from sun exposure.

Ps. Don’t forget to smile at the staff around, they are very welcoming, but in the peak season they work very hard, so be nice to them.

I hope you enjoyed and found this article useful! Stay tuned for more about #luxuryresorts in Antalya.

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