Six items you must have for your home décor

Today I have decided to write this blog about something I am very fond of, home décor. I know that there are professionals who can speak better about this, but I want to share my experience as a nonprofessional who wants to decorate his/her own place without paying people for ideas.
We all have ideas and if not so much we can get easily inspired nowadays with all the info and the images spread on store magazines, social networks, or even professional websites. However, despite this, over the years moving on different rented places I have encountered a few challenges in decorating the place with the few pieces of furniture I had or at least not spending much every time I moved to a new place or simply felt the need to rearrange the furniture for a fresh new look of the same apartment.
Having to do this several times and sometimes shifting from one style to another, for example from traditional to loft or industrial, or from loft to rustic style etc, I realized that there are some furniture items that you must have in order to make the process easier and more fun.

Floor lamp
Floor lamp
wall round mirror
Wall mirror

The number one item is a simple floor lamp. I would go for the most simple, basic one, with a neutral color. That kind of floor lamp can fit with any style and it gives your place a worm and chic view, but in the same time if it’s basic, it does not attract all the attention, but simply gives the room a pleasant feeling. The floor lamp is not just beautiful, but is also very functional. Even if you have other forms of lightings, it can help you easily get that dim light in the room to read a book or create a romantic atmosphere etc. Another good feature of the lamp is the fact that you can put it anywhere, in the living room, bedroom, studio, hall and it does the same magic.

Another must have item is a simple but beautiful wall mirror. I would go for a round one. A round mirror hanging over the main sofa, over the bed, at the make-up table, on the hall, on the studio, or even in the kitchen, really in any corner of the house, it gives the room more light and space. It gives that chic and cozy view to your walls and to the whole place. Plus is always practical to have a mirror nearby so you can check out on yourself from time to time

Side table
tall houseplant
Tall houseplant

What I would definitely recommend to have is also a small side table. I would pick a minimalist one, maybe with one closed drawer. A side table is very decorative, it gives your place more frame, when put next to your sofa or bed, or just close to the main door or really in any corner. It can beautifully serve as a coffee table, book stand, lamp stand, flower stand etc. I have found that the best thing about a side table is the fact that you can so easily rearrange its place anytime and get that fresh new look.

One of my favorite home décor items is a tall houseplant. I love all kinds of flowers, but since I live in an apartment, where there might not be enough light, one or more indoor plants that do not require much light is a great add to your place. To help you decide which kind of indoor plant or flower is best for your apartment, you can read my article (click here). Whichever you choose, I’d suggest that you take one that grows tall. A tall plant can stand in its own, it does not need a stand or a table, it does not occupy much space, because it fits perfectly in corners, like between two armchairs etc. A tall plant gives that greenery look to your place, even if that’s the only plant you have. Indoor house plants do not require much care and besides giving the place a nice and cozy look will cleanse the air, by absorbing the carbon dioxide and converting into fresh oxygen, and they can also remove toxins from the air we breathe.

dried flower
Wood Cabinet
Wood cabinet

Another item you can use with any kind of décor and easier then plants, are dried flowers. Dried flowers in a porcelain pot, glass table vase, or a tall vase, in a basket, hanged on the wall or simply as a potpourri can transform the look of your room. They can be adapted with any style and do not require care at all. Can be prepared at home, drying the flowers someone gave you for your birthday, can be picked up on the countryside, or simply buy them. They are not expensive. Depending on the kind of flower they can even have a pleasant scent.

The last item on my list is a medium half glass, half wood cabinet. A cabinet is a bit more expensive, but very important for a nice home décor and multifunctional. I would choose a half glass, half wood one, because a bit of transparency, not only gives the room a classy look but also can serve as a cabinet for ceramic pots or your most finest glasses and perfectly mix it with books, or other small decorative items.

And I would go for a medium one, because that way you can use it as a TV stand as well, or you can put it on the hall and hang something else on the wall over it, or you can also use it as a room or space divider. It can perfectly stand in the middle of room and still look nice.

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